Welcome F-1 International Students

All Visa types eligible including J-1/2, F-1/2, M-1, HB and all US-inbound work/study travelers

Unlimited International Calling

Get unlimited international calling with J1 from $2 / month

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  • France France $5 /mo
  • Germany Germany $4 /mo
  • India India $10 /mo
  • UK UK $5 /mo
  • Ireland Ireland $5 /mo
  • China China $5 /mo
  • Australia Australia $5 /mo
  • Netherlands Netherlands $4 /mo

No contract required. No credit check. Cancel any time.

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Best Benefits. Exclusive Price.

The Smart Plan for your Smart Phone

The affordable, short-term option for work/study programs.

Do you spend a fortune on roaming charges just to stay connected during your US travels? Or do you restrict yourself to emergency calls and unreliable hotel WiFi? J1 service offers unlimited calling, texting and data so you can spend less time topping up and more time having fun - without paying a dime in roaming fees.

Pay for what you need—nothing more

Best of all, you only pay for what you need. The J1 SIM program is designed with US-inbound travelers in mind. Initial service starts with just 1-month or as long as 2-years. Extending your stay? We can extend your service.

Full-strength, blazing-fast network

Worried about how reliable the network is? Don’t be. J1 SIM connects you to a powerful, blazing fast 4G network that stretches across the USA, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Relax and enjoy your travels

So the next time you travel in the US, enjoy superior communications with unlimited access. Make as many calls as you want. Look up travel schedules. Download maps. Find a great restaurant nearby. Check the weather. Post some pics to Facebook. Do it worry-free and don’t forget to call Mom at home.  All international calls from your J1 SIM are conveniently direct dial and also, unlimited. 

J1 Plan Calling Features

Unlimited Nationwide Talk

Your J1 exclusive service includes unlimited nationwide USA calling, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico. No limits on inbound or outbound calls with no evening or weekend restrictions.

More Ways to Connect 

The J1 SIM connects you to our nationwide network, which means that you’ll enjoy Internet access and reliable coverage with 2GB at 4G LTE speeds as well as unlimited data thereafter.

Unlimited International SMS

The J1 SIM offers free unlimited international SMS messaging to any country around the world, while you’re in the USA. That includes both incoming and outgoing messages.

Stream music without using data

Enjoy unlimited music streaming on services like Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more — and it doesn’t count against your 4G LTE data usage!

The fastest nationwide 4G LTE Network

Designed Data Strong

We’ve achieved more data capacity per customer than AT&T and Verizon. We designed our network with densely-packed cell towers. So now, we have the means to deliver more data to you.

Introducing Wi-Fi unleashed

With Wi-Fi Calling, J1 SIM transforms your Wi-Fi connection as if it’s an extension of the network. It’s like adding tons of personal J1 SIM towers—all at once. Talk and text in places you never thought possible.

Instant Network Access

J1 SIM is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy more affordable talk, text, and data anywhere in the US.That’s because in addition to unmatched cost savings and convenience, J1 SIM lets you access the T-Mobile 4G network instantly, with no long-term contract or credit check required.This makes it the perfect choice for international J1 travelers to the United States.

Why J1 SIM Card?

Monthly rate $35 $45 $50 $55 $49
Unlimited US Nationwide Calling
*Unlimited International Calling
Unlimited US Domestic SMS
Unlimited International SMS
Unlimited Data

*Unlimited international calls to landlines and mobiles to country selected by subscriber. price varies from $3-$10/month. $10 reflected in compare.

Get started in minutes

  1. Check your device

    Insert your J1 SIM card to make sure your phone is unlocked.

  2. Activate your SIM

    Schedule your activation date about a week before your arrival in the US.

  3. Give out your new number

    When your SIM is activated you will receive a welcome email with your new US number to give to friends and family.